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  Grace Lutheran School  

1. Daily Learning, Living and Loving the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. Romans 1: 16

Each day at Grace Lutheran School begins with devotions and prayer. Teachers, students and parents understand that at Grace Lutheran School the first and foremost purpose of our existence is “To live for Christ” (Philippians 1:21). Children learn the gospel through many pathways at Grace Lutheran including: daily devotions, weekly chapel, religion classes, school/church choirs, Sunday Divine Services, Catechesis and our Advent Program.

2. Academics: A Core Knowledge School
Grace Lutheran School has adopted the Core Knowledge Curriculum and is proud to offer educational excellence and equity for all children. Beginning in our full-day Kindergarten, Core Knowledge provides an academic focus, encourages consistency in instruction, provides a plan for coherent, sequenced learning from K-8 grades, and promotes a community of learners. more...

3. Concerned, Involved and Supportive Families
A tradition of active involvement by Grace parents and families make it possible for the staff and children of Grace Lutheran School to accomplish many yearly goals. We are blessed to have supportive families who care about their children’s education. Our before and after school programs also reflect this tradition of caring.

Grace Lutheran’s annual school events, many sponsored by the Parent Teacher League (PTL), are for the purpose of learning and having fun as families. Events include: Harvest Festival, Book Faire, Academic Faire, Movie Night, Talent Show and more.

4. A Multi-Cultural Community of Learners
Grace Lutheran School embraces the many cultural backgrounds of our student body. As a Christ-centered school, we have the opportunity to model the kind of loving, cooperative, and mutually affirming interactions required of our society today. In an ever-changing world, we are all people of God, created to serve Him and each other in mutual love and respect. Through respect and affirmation, teachers learn from their students in order to teach them effectively and encourage them to share their heritage.

5. Small Class Sizes Mean Successful Students

Our highly trained and synodically certified teachers are passionate about teaching and learning. Smaller class sizes allow teachers to meet the individual needs of each child and develop their God-given talents to the fullest potential. Each year a high percentage of Grace students make the School's Honor Roll and graduate to top private and public schools.

6. A High Value Education at a Fair Cost
The sky is the limit for tuitions when looking for elementary schools in the San Mateo area. Grace Lutheran School prides itself in offering a high quality and high-value education for a reasonable and fair cost. View our admission information and fees on the admissions page of this website.

7. Technology Classes and State-of-the-Art Computer Lab
In 2007, Grace Lutheran School opened the Michael Krips Computer Lab. Students are offered computer classes at every grade level. This equips them with the appropriate technical skills, while developing their critical thinking abilities, preparing them for success in our global economy.

8. A Classical Education Approach to Teaching and Learning
Students are taught and encouraged to think with wisdom through the historic methodology known as the Trivium: grammar, dialectic and rhetoric. A Classical Education Approach properly relates content and skills, motivates learning and fosters accountability.

With the Classical Education Approach to teaching and learning there is a high level of thinking and problem solving; the disciplines of religion, literature, math, history, geography, science and writing are connected. There is thoughtful questioning and teachers are engaged in the learning process as well as the students. more...

9. Languages, Music and Performing Arts
Learning a second language is important at Grace. Spanish is taught beginning in first grade and Latin in grades 7 and 8. Children in all grades perform in plays, musicals, sing in Worship Choir monthly, and Advent programs—building confidence and a positive self-image in our students.

10. Physical Education and Athletic Programs
From our physical education class to the President’s Challenge on Physical Fitness and jumping rope for the American Heart Association, your child’s physical well-being and development are part of a Lutheran education. Many opportunities exist for children in fifth grade and above to be involved on our Grace “Eagle’s” athletic teams, part of the Lutheran Schools Athletic League.